Recipe: Fig cake with olive oil [by Family farm Rakovac]

Fig cake with olive oil

Summer smells like figs and vice versa. 😊 Figs are rich with magnesium, soluble fibers and beta carotene. This fruit is great for lowering cholesterol. It also increases vitality and health, slows down aging and protects from stress. Tasty and soft, it’s best fresh-picked. When branches fold under the weight of fruit and your fig-jam is already cooked, you simply can’t miss out on a simple summertime recipe which we will share with you herewith.  Olive oil, lemon and figs = Mediterranean. Light breakfast, ideal for awakening with a cup of coffee, just before going to the beach. Ladies and germs: meet the fig cake with olive oil. 😃


  • 0,6 dcl of extra virgin olive oil
  • 2,5 dcl of yogurt
  • 2 eggs
  • 10 dkg of sugar
  • a pinch of salt
  • 2 spoons of lemon juice with a little lemon bark
  • 1 spoon of rum
  • 20 dkg of grits
  • 1 pouch of baking powder
  • 7-8 fresh figs
  • little olive oil and bread crumbs for the cake mold
fig cake
fig cake with olive oil

Fig cake with olive oil => preparation

Prepare a foamy mix of eggs, sugar and salt. Gradually add olive oil, yogurt, rum and lemon.

Mix the grits with baking powder and slowly add to the mixture. Pour the dough into the cake mold slab-sided with baking parchment paper, oil coated and besprent with crumbs. Even the dough in the mold. Imprint fig halves on the top, so that the juicy side faces up. Put the mold in oven heated to 180º C and bake until the cake gets the color of “old gold” (approximately 45 minutes). Then let it cool down in the mold.


If you exchange a spoon (or two) of grits with the same amount of instant polenta, the result will be even better. Of course, just like experienced housewives know, this is one of those (in)famous cognitions acquired on the edge of dispair. In the night, when you stand behind a nearly finished cake, when you realize you don’t have any grits in the house! 😳

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