Istrian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bilini - Family farm Rakovac

Istrian extra virgin olive oil Bilini is a fruit of 25-year labour of the Rakovac family. Our love for growing and tending olive groves, combined with timely olive picking results in extraordinarily high quality olive oil.

Istrian extra virgin olive oil Bilini
Istrian extra virgin olive oil Bilini

Multi-varietal olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil Bilini is made from many cultivars/varieties of olives. We produce it from fruit of different autochthonous and domesticated cultivars such as Istrian “bjelica” (bianchera), buža, leccino and pendolino. This blend of fruits helps us achieve higher quality of olive oil. The taste obtained by combination of olive varieties is a continuation of Istrian olive oil producing tradition. Multi-layerness of aromas and suistainable quality are the main arguments for choosing this type of olive oil production. The scent of EVOO Bilini is a unique experience. As soon as you open a bottle, be prepared for a beautiful aroma of fresh olives.

Istrian extra virgin olive oil

We mainly produce our EVOO for our own family. Our farming philosophy is based on a belief in the meaning of an old saying that we didn’t inherit the land from our ancestors, but borrowed it from our children. We practice minimal usage of plant protection products. We are always prepared to sacrifice a part of our crops if that ensures our final product will remain healthy and clean.

Istrian olive sort of "Bjelica" (bianchera)
Istrian bjelica (bianchera)

Biodiversity in our olive groves

In our olive yards, biodiversity is an imperative. Next to our olive trees, we grow cherries, plums, figs and blackberries. Old stone walls are preserved since they are a home to numerous animals useful for our olive groves. Our mission is to improve the inherited, not only in the sense of productivity, but also in the context of maintaining the beauty of Istrian landscapes.

olive grove istria
our olive grove Zacrikva

Our olive oil is our pride, our olives are an inseparable part of nature in which they were created. Our ambition isn’t to become bigger. Only better.

Indisputable quality

Year in and out, our olive oil is constantly extra virgin. However, the term “extra virgin” doesn’t fully describe its quality. Extra virginity of olive oil means that the oil has acidity (free fatty acids) below 0.80%. A higher share of free fatty acids in olive oil can induce a series of changes manifested by worsened organoleptic characteristics of the oil as well as by affinity to deterioration.

Quality of this year’s EVOO Bilini

This year’s olive oil Bilini is extra virgin, which is confirmed by the result of chemical analysis which our Family farm ordered done immediately upon olive oil production. Share of free fatty acids in EVOO Bilini is only 0.12% – almost seven times better that what you buy in your local supermarket (if that oil even passed as extra virgin in the first place). The proof of our product’s quality is also the gold medal in New York and Berlin