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Gold-awarded Istrian olive oil Bilini features medium-intense scent and rich & spicy aroma which tastes like green olives and fruit. Purchase a bottle of olive oil Bilini and carry home the flavor of authentic Istria.


from our official Facebook page:

“I bought two litres. Until now, I ate it only with bread, and as salad seasoning. It is extremely delicious 🙂. I wanted to give one litre to a friend, but I think I will keep it for myself… :)”

Nikolina L., Karlovac (HR)

“Bilini rulez! My favourite olive oil. It packs a strong taste which delights me. Simply too good, it’s on my plate every day.”

Sonja B., Medulin (HR)

“I have just received Bilini oil – it’s great… I will order more after I use this bottle…”

Neven P., Čakovec (HR)

“The best on the planet!”

Robert M., Čakovec (HR)

“I’ve tried #EVOO Bilini and was immediately knocked from my feet. It is delicious: from colour and density to aroma and taste. I recommend it to everbody. Five points from me!”

Dragan I., Rijeka (HR)

“Excellent olive oil, with great taste, scent and colour… Congratulations to the producer….”

Mario J., Zagreb (HR)

“Bilini deserves all praises. I definitely recommend it to everyone who wishes natural, high quality and tasty oil. After trying this, other olive oils don’t satisfy my criteria anymore!”

Marko G., Čakovec (HR)

“Excellent olive oil… My warm recommendations. ♥”

Marija D., Duga Resa (HR)

“Your olive oil is top notch! Packs a concrete, moderately spicy and bitter taste, just like EVOO should. I use it as a medicine, not for food. 🙂 All recommendations.”

Kristian M., Pula (HR)

“We ordered two litres of Bilini Approved. The oil is excellent. As soon as it arrived (professionally packaged), we immediately realized we’ve ordered too less… :)”

Ivan K., Novo Čiče (HR)

“THE best olive oil I have ever tasted!”

Ivan S., Čakovec (HR)


Dragan Š., Rakovci (HR)


Goran P., Zagreb (HR)

“All praises to the fantastic oil Bilini! We don’t need to explain much, since the sold out shelves in our tavern say all. We thank you for a great cooperation and look forward to continue working with you!”

Matea K., Baška (HR)

“All praises for olive oil Bilini. This is really the best olive oil I’ve ever tasted. Rich flavor and beautiful color and scent, just like you eat fresh olives. Added kudos go to people who treat the buyer professionally and courteous. Great job!”

Nadica G., Đurđevac (HR)

“Top olive oil!”

Suzana K., Sv. Ivan Zelina (HR)

“I am not paramount to grade Bilini’s chemical quality, but from my perspective, this is a really excellent olive oil. Bilini’s relatively spicy taste, density and aftertaste are exactly the features I always seek in good olive oil.”

Damir P., Pula (HR)

“Phenomenal olive oil: both by scent and by taste. All recommendations!”

Maja G., Donja Bistra (HR)

“Excellent olive oil! We use it frequently… Cheers to Saša from Novi Sad.”

Boris Nj., Novi Sad (SRB)

“This is the first time I bought EVOO Bilini from OPG Rakovac. I am delighted and already enjoy this extraordinary oil. I will definitely repeat my order soon. You can never have enough health, i.e. top quality olive oil. Keep swinging Bilini!!”

Kolja P., Zagreb (HR)

“The awards say it all! My definitive recommendation for this olive oil of top quality.”

Antonios Ivan K., Čakovec (HR)

“We bought 10 liters. I recommend to everyone to compare EVOO Bilini with olive oil which you can buy for 5 € in shopping malls. You will immediately notice the difference. :)”

Alen M., Rijeka (HR)

“This oil is pure rock’n’roll! – it’s strong, it’s scent is nice and it’s very concrete. Bravo, Saša & CO. For the Japanesee: This oil is LOCK’LOL – try it, buy it.”

Monika S., Ljubljana (SLO)

“It was so good, I will have to order more…”

Željko B., Karlovac (HR)

Products & Prices

Of Family Farm Rakovac

1 Liter Bottle - € 17 

Buy 1 litre of Extra Virgin Istrian
Olive Oil BILINI
for just 17,00 EUR 

0.50 Liter Bottle - € 11 

Purchase half a liter of 
Istrian Olive Oil Bilini
for only 11,00 EUR

0.25 Liter Bottle - € 7 

Gorgeous things come in small bottles!
Quarter of liter of pure health
for just 7,00 EUR

0.10 Liter Bottle - € 5 

A perfect non-expensive souvenir:
Purchase 0.1 liter of Olive Oil Bilini
for only 5,00 EUR


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