Extra virgin Istrian olive oil

Family Farm Rakovac - enjoy our products, fruit of our dedication, work and love.



Gold-awarded Istrian olive oil Bilini features medium-intense scent and rich & spicy aroma which tastes like green olives and fruit. Purchase a bottle of olive oil Bilini and carry home the flavor of authentic Istria.

Products & Prices

Of Family Farm Rakovac

1 Liter Bottle - € 17 

Buy 1 litre of Extra Virgin Istrian
Olive Oil BILINI
for just 17,00 EUR 

0.50 Liter Bottle - € 11 

Purchase half a liter of 
Istrian Olive Oil Bilini
for only 11,00 EUR

0.25 Liter Bottle - € 7 

Gorgeous things come in small bottles!
Quarter of liter of pure health
for just 7,00 EUR

0.10 Liter Bottle - € 5 

A perfect non-expensive souvenir:
Purchase 0.1 liter of Olive Oil Bilini
for only 5,00 EUR


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Family farm (OPG) Rakovac
Vidikovac 68, Pula, Croatia
Cell: +385 98 794 068


Please, call and announce your arrival if you would like to visit us, taste & purchase extra virgin Istrian olive oil Bilini.