Bilini Premium | Family farm Rakovac

Bilini Premium is a new sub-brand of EVOO Bilini. Bilini Premium is extra virgin olive oil Bilini which we send to competitions. Therefore: the same barrel, the very same blend tasted by contest panelists which award Bilini with gold medals from year to year.

Would you like to know more? We put together some information about our family farm, our awards, and about Bilini Premium: our new brand. The text below is taken from a brochure that you get within the gorgeous Bilini Premium box.

Family farm Rakovac

When you imagine a world where time flows slowly, where noise is created only by the sound of trees, wind, and birds, you imagine a world where our small family farm resides. A narrow road leads to the village and then ancient paths surrounded by dry stone walls take you to our olive groves.

This wonderful oil you chose to purchase was produced by two people, a husband and wife, on land inherited from our ancestors. Although the people who paved our way are now only a memory, the energy and dedication of those who worked the land and shaped the landscape we are part of, feel strong and demand respect.

Our trees live as part of a natural community that is only occasionally disrupted by our activities. Rabbits, deer, birds, butterflies, and snakes consider them their home. There are no fences; only the continuity of the environment that can exist without us.

The Rakovac family farm consists of the two of us – Vedrana and Saša. When the turn came to us – since the land is always looking for new farmers to work it – we led a different life. Serious careers, city asphalt, rock and roll. However, it was only a matter of time. The hard Istrian land, soaked in the sweat and love of those who worked it before us, called us to order. To its service.

Now everything is as it should be. We plow, we mow, we harvest. We serve the land. We have dirty hands. We have not forgotten our careers, our city asphalt, our rock and roll. All is possible, there is room for it all, but only after the land gets what it needs.

The land’s gratitude transforms into this wonderful liquid. For us – this is the best olive oil in the world.


Awards are important.

For extra virgin olive oil to be rewarded, a lot has to be done just right. From embryo to its full size, the fruit has to remain healthy. Healthy fruits must be picked at just the right time to make the taste full and enchanting. Harvest must be performed carefully to not damage the fruit on its way to the oil mill. Processing must be expert, at low temperature, in a clean mill, under the supervision of an experienced craftsman.

After all these basic prerequisites are met, extra virgin olive oil should taste wonderful. It should also be preserved in that condition until the next harvest.

Among all those wonderful oils, some are still the best. One of those best oils you now have in your hands.

Our extra virgin olive oil Bilini was the champion, the best of the best at the largest regional contest, it was the vice-champion, the best in class, with the best organoleptic properties, almost always awarded gold.

We then tried to enter Flos Olei, the world’s most famous guide that presents the 500 best olive oils in the world. And we entered the selection for the first, the second, and the third year…

Then we got bold: we sent our oil to the biggest global competition in the quality of extra virgin olive oils – the New York International Olive Oil Competition. And we won gold! Year after year.

NYIOOC 2022 Gold Award

The success of our oil Bilini is huge, and we are surprised by each new award. We are small olive growers from small Istria, who always send only one sample to world events!

Sometimes reality is crazier than dreams!

Bilini Premium

Every year we send a single sample to competition events.

When the harvest is done, we sit down at the table with our sommelier glasses and taste the oil we produced: a sample from each barrel. Our home tasting generates our champion of the latest harvest. That barrel is marked, and samples for competitions are taken only from that very barrel. The oil from that barrel is called Bilini Premium and is the most valuable thing we have.

When you desire to know exactly what kind of fragrance in extra virgin olive oil Bilini delighted the panel of contest judges this year; which delicate trace in its taste brought us the gold award, there is no choice but Bilini Premium.

That’s the oil. It’s that barrel. Gold. Champion.

Bilini Premium boca

Our oil is a blend. Wonderful, different fruits, defined by the temperature, drought, sun, and rain that year, give a unique combination that is the signature of that very year that has passed. The sincerity of our oil, which speaks of the season that created it, is complete. What nature gives – the olive fruit remembers.

Each variety yields differently each year. The ratio of varieties in our oil is eternally variable. With Bilini Premium you can take part in our excitement: every year when we taste new oil at the table and find out what that year has brought.
The number of liters of Bilini Premium is limited.

Each bottle of Bilini Premium is unique and carries its number. After the last available bottle, there is no choice but to wait for the next harvest, the new Bilini Premium.