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Our olive oil is extra virgin, which is confirmed by the chemical analysis of olive oil Bilini. We took a sample of our olive oil to a certified insitution not long after we produced this year’s olive oil Bilini.

For olive oil quality grading, two basic methods are used: chemical and organoleptic analysis. While sensory analysis of olive oils is carried out on panel tests on which judges taste and grade organoleptic characteristics of oils, chemical analysis is based on objective analysis of chemical composition of olive oil, within which two parameters are usually graded.

Main parameters in chemical analysis of olive oil are:

  • Free fatty (oleic) acids, and
  • Peroxide value, which determines the quantity of hyperoxides in olive oil. Hyperoxides are the main indicators of autoxidation in oil. Olive oil oxidation is an inevitable deterioration process which occurs due to various chemical processes in the oil. General rule of thumb is: the lower the peroxide value, the more durable the olive oil will be (under the condition that the oil is regularly transfused to get rid of residue).

Chemical analysis of EVOO Bilini – harvest 2023

Underneath you can find the chemical analysis of this year’s Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) Bilini. It guarantees that our olive oil is extra virgin oil of extremely high quality:

Chemical analysis of olive oil Bilini (harvest 2023)
Chemical analysis of extra virgin olive oil Bilini

Great quality EVOO should have the lowest possible share of free fatty acids and the lowest possible peroxide value.

Extra virgin olive oils are those which contain less than 0.80% free fatty acids in the chemical analysis. EVOO Bilini has 0.12%, practically 7 times less than maximally allowed. This means that our EVOO is of 7 times higher quality than extra virgin olive oils which contain 0.80% free fatty acids.

Peroxide value for extra virgin olive oils must be below 20. This year’s EVOO Bilini has a peroxide value of 4.5 mEq O2/kg, which is over 4 times less than the allowed maximum.

All of this means that we guarantee the top quality of EVOO Bilini, based on the chemical analysis.

As far as organoleptic characteristics of our oil are concerned: Bilini has fresh scent, mild-intensive taste, packing a dominant flavour of grass, flowers, tomatos and olive fruit. Until now we have only had praises from our consumers. Taste it for yourself – you be the judge.

EVOO Bilini is a multiple winner of gold medals at the world’s largest extra virgin olive oil competitions in New York and Berlin.

extra virgin olive oil Bilini
extra virgin olive oil Bilini