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Family farm Rakovac – Our story

Not long ago Saša and myself lived a normal, happy urban life of a project manager and a sales manager. A series of wonderful events begun when – more on a whim than from a plan – I attended a course of olive growing. I was fortunate to have a enthusiast teacher who knew how to transfer his love of nature to those which were willing to listen. Thus the olive trees – which I always liked – definitely became my favourite activity. Enter family farm Rakovac!

Set of circumstances also affected Saša, an urban rocker from the 4th floor, who barged into the situation: welcomed by olive trees, overgrown into 5 feet of grass, together with a long line of olive-growers’ problems. From peacock spot to sky high olive trees, ragged and wild like his haircut. 🙂  He also inherited two used-up tractors, with no knowledge as how to use them and a theorist wife with modest span of physical strength. However, persistent and energetic, stubborn and obstinate as he is, he quickly learned all that he needed to. Together with the fact that the learning process never ends.

Our small family farm Rakovac, our tiny farming economy, stands firm on its feet today. Our trees are all the more powerful and beautiful, the fruit quantity is increasing. And our olive oil, which was excellent from day one, is still excellent. Fortunately, the work is endless, which prevents us from getting bored. In the past couple of years since we’ve begun, we have won numerous awards for EVOO Bilini. Among them, the gold medal in New York City. Not a small feat for a small family farm from Istria. 🙂

Where someone’s eye sees a simple grazing or an overgrown ploughland, we see new young olive groves. It’s only a matter of time. Not if – only when.

Olive oil Bilini

why olive oil

Why using olive oil?

Olive oil is among the healthiest foodstuffs known to man since the beginning of time.

how olive oil is made

How do we produce our olive oil?

We produce our olive oil first and foremost for us, our friends and relatives. We sell the surplus.

olive groves

Where are our olive groves located?

Our olive yards are located in a picturesque, authentic Istrian village named Rakovci. A mile away from the town of Baderna, only 6 miles from Poreč.

Our team

Vedrana Rakovac
Vedrana Rakovac
Ivana Rakovac
Ivana Petković Rakovac
Saša Petković
Saša Petković
Sales & Marketing