Olive oil gifts: treat your loved one with finest Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil gifts = always a great idea!

Let’s admit it, we all love gifts.
We love gifts because they give us a message that someone thinks of us, wishes to surprise us, make us happy, or simply thank us. The attention we enjoy, the gift and a feeling that someone feels we deserve the gift. Large, small, innovative, classic, becoming or an inspiration of a moment. They are always welcome.

olive oil gifts

Top organoleptic characteristics and pleasure of every EVOO fan

Give your special someone a bottle of Istrian olive oil Bilini because it is:

  • PRACTICAL => rest assured your gift will be consumed in a short time.
  • HEALTHY => Istrian EVOO Bilini is of top quality, which is proven by numerous awards from various international olive oil manifestations.
  • TASTY => spicy taste of our oil is achieved with timely harvest and processing in one of the best Istrian olive mills. This combination guarantees top organoleptic characteristics and joy of every olive oil fan.
  • EXCLUSIVE => olive oil Bilini is being produced in limited quantities and is on sale until we sell out entire stock from the last harvest. After that, you will have to wait for the next picking season.

Besides, with a bottle of our olive oil which you order as a gift, we will throw in a free bag carrying our stamp Bilini. We can also wrap the bottle in decorative paper, or write an appropriate message on your behalf. Just make sure to specify you are ordering our olive oil as present.

Olive oil as a gift is a great idea: all your friends will be grateful for such a present or souvenir. Having in mind that the expiration date is long (as far as 24 months upon the date of production for extra virgin olive oils), recipients of this great gift will be able to store it on a shelf, brag to their friends about it, and consume it whenever they wish.