Istria is the best olive oil region in the world [Family Farm Rakovac]

Istria is the best olive oil region in the world

Aaaaaaaaand… we did it again! Istra has been pronounced the best olive oil region in the world – for the fourth consecutive year! 🏆🏆🏆 That was the decision of the Italian chief editors of the only global guide of the best extra virgin olive oils. Flos Olei was once more benevolent to Istrian olive oil producers – each of us whose EVOO got introduced received his copy of the guide.

As many as 79 Istrian EVOO producers are included in this year’s Flos Olei. Again, among the included oils is yours truly – extra virgin olive oil Bilini.

The picturesque Motovun

This year’s presentation of Flos Olei was held in beautiful town of Motovun. More precise, in the new, gorgeous Wine & Heritage Hotel Roxanich. You can see how nice a venue this is in the photos below:

Flos Olei 2019

We already wrote about how happy we are our EVOO Bilini is again included in Flos Olei, in the company of other elite olive oil producers. The main speakers on the event were – like last year – Mr. Valter Flego – Mayor of county of Istria, Mr. Denis Ivošević, director of Istrian tourist board, and finally Mr. Marco Oreggia, chief editor of the guide.

After a brief introduction, with emphasis put on the continuity of quality of Istrian olive oils, the hosts started awarding the guide to included olive oil producers. Every included olive oil producer from Istria (there were also two from Dalmatia) accepted his/ her copy. Always a phenomenal feeling. 😃😃😃

After the ceremony, Mr. Oreggia held a brief lecture on the quality promotion of EVOO. After Marco, Mr. della Rocca from The Olive Bureau spoke about the importance of olive mills in the process of producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

And – last but not least – the photo session. Crème de la crème of Istrian EVOO – on one photo:

Flos Olei 2019 maslinari

Istria is the best olive oil region in the world – and not without reason

In Istria we hold dearly the high standards of olive growing and olive oil producing. Our phenomenal olive oils are not a coincidence. They are only possible with hard work and frequent sojourn in olive groves. From working the land, pruning, fighting pests, through harvesting and shipping olives to the mill, all the way to careful and correct storage of our nectar in optimal stainless steel barrels. Each and every step of the way makes the difference. There simply is no shortcut.

Instead of the epilogue

After the ceremony in Motovun, we went home to Pula with our copy of Flos Olei 2019 and took the afternoon off. ****ZZZZZPPPPPPP**** (you know that film-rewinding sound?)… Of course we didn’t go home. We went to our olive groves in Rakovci, changed into working clothes and pruned our olive trees until sunset. Because that as well is a part of the success of our NEXT harvesting season.

However, we do not complain. We like to work. And there is simply nothing nicer than finding a small birdsnest on top of an olive tree during pruning. 🐤🐤🐤


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