NYIOOC 2019 - Gold Award for extra virgin olive oil Bilini!

NYIOOC 2019 – Gold Award for Bilini!

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Extra virgin olive oil Bilini won the Gold award at the recently held New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC 2019). ???

NYIOOC is the world’s largest and most prestigious contest in olive oil quality. Its yearly list of award winners is an important guide of the world’s best olive oils and their respective dedicated producers.

Producing a highest quality olive oil asks for determination, skill and obsessive attention to detail. Those persistent enough to succeed in this and are decorated with NYIOOC award benefit from the public and media attention throughout the year.

Preparations for the New York contest

In the end of 2018, not long after the last year’s olive oil picking, we applied our Istrian extra virgin olive oil Bilini to the globally most important olive oil manifestation: NYIOOC 2019. Since we had recently won two gold medals in Split (for two samples of our olive oil – from the first and the last day of the harvest respectively), there wasn’t too much of a dilemma. From whichever of our barrels we choose sample oil for New York, it was all the same. 😃

In mid March 2019, this nice parcel left Pula to New York City:

EVOO Bilini for NYIOOC 2019
EVOO Bilini for NYIOOC 2019

NYIOOC 2019 – the event

On May the 10th 2019 a press conference was held at NYIOOC event in New York, during which the world’s best olive oils were presented. The results presented online are closely monitored by producers, importers, distributers, cooks, food experts and journalists alike.

The panel of judges as NYIOOC 2019 included 18 experts for organoleptic analysis of extra virgin olive oils, among which were two Croatians: Karolina Brkić Bubola from the Agricultural institute in Poreč and Dr. Mirella Zanetić from the Institute of Adriatic cultures. Side by side to these professionals from Croatia, the panel featured experts from Italy, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Chile, Tunisia, Brazil, France and United States.

The panel of judges carried out organoleptic testing of more than 1.000 samples of extra virgin olive oils from 27 countries. This definitely makes NYIOOC  one of the most important yearly olive oil manifestations globally.

Gold for Bilini 🏆🏆🏆

In the early morning hours of May 11th (at our local time) we were informed that the renown panel of the New York International Olive Oil Competition awarded our EVOO Bilini the Gold Award.

We are overjoyed! ❤️❤️❤️ For us, this award is a recongnition of continuity of the highest quality of our olive oil. After all, our EVOO Bilini received it for the second consecutive year. We are especially glad that our work and efforts in our olive groves got prized. Together with our highest care in preparations for harvest, harvest itself, producing our oil and – naturally – care in correct preservation of our EVOO.

Tasting sensations

These are the tasting sensations of EVOO Bilini quoted by the panel of judges: Flowers, Cinnamon, Arugula, Butter, Black Pepper. The suggested food pairing is: Baked or Broiled Clams.

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