EVOO Bilini Olive oil in tin can 1 litre - new packaging

New year – new packaging: EVOO Bilini in 1L tin can

Happy New Year! A lot of people think it will not be hard for 2021 to be better than 2020. 😊 Seriously, though, we wish us all for this stupid pandemic to end and that all of us return to our normal lives and forget about wearing masks in stores. 😷

We entered the New year with a new packaging for our extra virgin olive oil Bilini. We’ve introduced the 1 litre packaging in a tin can 🔝

olive oil in tin can 1L
olive oil Bilini in 1L tin can

Olive oil in tin can

Olive oil has been successfully packaged in tin cans for decades now. There are two reasons for this:

  1. For an increased protection of the product during transportation (a tin can will be much less likely to break in delivery compared to a glass – or plastic – bottle);
  2. It ensures longevity of keeping olive oil’s positive chemical and organoleptic characteristics.

Modern metal-made packaging for food features special tin-based inside protective cover which prevents electrochemical reactions with food as well as corrosion. Due to this, it is possible to keep extra virgin olive oil in a tin can until the very expiration date of the oil, which is usually within 18-24 months from production.

Naturally, you should always keep in mind general recommendations for adequate preservation of olive oil, regardless of the means of packaging:

  • Keep your bottle or tin can with olive oil in a room with temperature preferably not exceeding 20ºC nor subceeding 10ºC.
  • Keep your packaging with olive oil away from sunlight.

Description of our new packaging

Our Vedrana is the copywriter of the description of our new 1-liter tin can packaging:

For world travelers and fans from distant lands alike. The liquid gold from Istrian olive groves is ready to reach you wherever you need it. Solid armor hides the most valuable thing inside. Protection that miles cannot impair is a guarantee some long-distance connections can last forever.

… not to forget, there is also a technical description:

Extra virgin olive oil in a 1L can, with plastic cap. Tin packaging for food products is suitable for permanent storage of premium extra virgin olive oils. It prevents the influence of light on the product and – together with storing at an appropriate room temperature – contributes to the long-term invariability of the oil’s organoleptic properties.

Olive oil Bilini in tin can of 1 liter is already available for purchase in our web shop. Feel free to click below, look around and – should you desire to taste the most wonderful extra virgin olive oil – place your order ☺️

olive oil in tin can

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