EVOO Bilini - Award winning olive oil [Family Farm Rakovac]

EVOO Bilini – Award winning olive oil

  • - Gold medal x 2

The 16th consecutive manifestation Maslina in Split attracted 400+ samples of extra virgin olive oils this year. Maslina Split is the largest olive oil event of the region. EVOO samples are sent from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Italy. In 2018, our Istrian EVOO Bilini was awarded with a gold medal at this contest.


The plan & the experiment

At the time when we were planning our appearance at Maslina Split 2019, we decided to send TWO samples of our EVOO blend Bilini. This was the first time we did such a thing. The first bottle contained the oil from the first day of the last olive harvest (Oct 16th 2018). The second bottle – as you might guess – contained oil from the last day of the harvest (Nov 11th 2018).  This was our little experiment to see if there was any significant difference in the quality of our olive oil from different periods of harvesting. Moreover, we produced our first oil in olive mill Nonno Bruno in Banjole, while the last-day olive oil was made in olive mill Grubić in Bale. Both mills are top quality and run by experts in their business. Let’s see if our EVOO Bilini got to be an award winning olive oil at Maslina Split.

The story

This past few months, our family farm has been attending a course for sommelier of olive oils in Vodnjan, Istria. During the classes, our teacher, Dr. Marin Krapac, told us an interesting story. Dr. Krapac has recently made different olive oils from different matured fruits of olived from the SAME OLIVE TREE! He grouped the fruits by their respective degree of maturity and then made olive oil from each of those groups. Afterwards, he tasted those olive oils. He concluded: “The oils didn’t have anything to do with each other.” Same cultivar. Same tree!

Now, if that’s the situation with the same tree, you can only imagine what differences in olive oil characteristics may occur due to difference in timing of harvesting. The degree of maturity of olives can differ a lot from one another in the period of 25 days. That’s how long our harvesting season in 2018 took.

maslina split maslina split 2019

Maslina Split 2019

Nevertheless: both samples of our EVOO Bilini – although coming from totally different periods of harvesting, won a gold medal. What can we say… BILINI ROCKS! ?

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maslina split 2019 - zlato za Bilini

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