Flos Olei 2020 - EVOO Bilini in the company of the best!

Flos Olei 2020 – EVOO Bilini in the company of the best!

Fourth consecutive year. Fourth! Extra virgin olive oil Bilini had been included in the global guide of the best EVOO in the world: Flos Olei 2020.

And just like in all previous years, we are overjoyed! 😊❤️

The new issue of the guide 2020 has just been printed. The news is so fresh that we are still expecting to receive the publisher’s email about Bilini’s inclusion in the guide. However, since they published the list of the included oils Online, we were fast in learning of this prestigeous event.

Flos Olei 2020
Flos Olei 2020


More about the Flos Olei 2020 contest

The goal of the international contest Flos Olei is to generally increase the quality of extra virgin olive oils internationally and to prize the best products. Also, to increase the awareness and knowledge about EVOO and thus contribute to its well deserved marketing.

Flos Olei 2019
Istrian olive growers and olive oil producers included in Flos Olei 2019. Our Vedrana Rakovac stands in the first row first from the left. 🙂

Targets of the Flos Olei contest

This contest has the following targets:

  • To encourage the workers in this industry (primarily olive growers and olive mills) to produce the absolute highest quality extra virgin olive oil, by comparing different productions worldwide;
  • To widen the knowledge and studies of high quality olive based products and increase awareness of the profession of expert sommeliers of virgin and extra virgin olive oils. Such experts are able to assess excellence in each individual product according to European and global standards. Both as an individual and as a member of the panel.
  • To promote information about health and nutritional benefits of Mediterranean diet in general, and, specifically, of high quality extra virgin olive oil in different areas of consumation (schools, cooking courses, wine bars, restaurants etc.)

For whom is the Flos Olei competition intended?

The international competition Flos Olei is created for olive oil producers and olive mills. It’s also intended for various connected associations, olive oil importers and exporters etc.

saša petković flos olei 2017
Saša holding his copy of Flos Olei 2017

About olive oils applied for the contest

Samples of olive oils sent to the competition must represent exactly what the olive oil producers are putting out on the market. Participation on this international competition is subject to accepting the organizer’s Terms and Conditions. Also, it falls under final evaluation of the commission of expert olive oil sommeliers.

Extra virgin olive oil from any producer will be accepted to the competition only if it complies with the rules and regulations governed by the contest organizer.

extra virgin olive oil from istria
EVOO Bilini

Flos Olei 2020: Panel of judges

The panel – coordinated by Mr. Marco Oreggia – consists of expert Italian and international sommeliers and judges with COI certificate. They are enlisted in the National register of technicians and experts for virgin and extra virgin olive oils.

All expert sommeliers must sign the Ethical code of conduct. It is possible to approach the panel of judges only during regular and public meetings held on the topic of olive samples.

Samples of delivered extra virgin olive oils will be forwarded to the panel of judges. They will perform a transparent organoleptic analysis, following the COI method. The judges then forward their conclusions to the coordinator. He in return fills a specific form for assessment of sensor profile of each olive oil sample.

The panel’s resolution is unrepeatable and final.

olive oil sommelier
the main tools of olive oil sommeliers

EVOO Bilini in Flos Olei

You probably remember that we covered our previous success with getting included in this guide of the most phenomenal olive oils. In order to ease your access to information about our EVOO Bilini in previous issues of Flos Olei, here are the links:

And if you still haven’t had a chance to taste our extra virgin olive oil, you can purchase it directly from us in our web shop. Simply click on the button below and enjoy. 😊

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