NYIOOC 2018 - Gold Medal for EVOO Bilini [Family farm Rakovac]

NYIOOC 2018 – Gold medal for EVOO Bilini in New York!

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Extra virgin olive oil Bilini won a gold medal on the international contest of olive oils in New York! New York International Olive Oil CompetitionNYIOOC in short, is a yearly contest which drew almost one thousand olive oils samples from 30 countries this year.

NYIOOC 2018 – panel of judges

The panel of judges at NYIOOC 2018 was also international. The panel was composed of 18 judges this year. It saw the participation of a Croatian representative, Dr. Karolina Bubola. Awards were given for Northern and Southern hemispheres respectively, as well as for monovarietal and blend categories. A special category was reserved for organic oils. While there are many categories, it is indisputable that our country is becoming a renown name on the EVOO producing map of the world.

Croatian olive oils in New York

Croatian olive oils had an incredible success. They won 27 gold medals and 11 silver medals, while two oils were declared best in their respective categories. Istrian EVOO Bilini won a gold medal in the category for Northern hemisphere, for which Spanish-made oil Martin de Prado EVOO Primicia Blend won the champion title. For Southern hemisphere, the winner was Coupage Blanc by Jose Ignacio from Uruguay.

We are extremely honoured that our family farm, a small producer from Istria, Croatia, won a gold medal in such a diverse company. We hope we will have a chance to taste olive oils from our category produced in distant locations, almost exotic to us.   

gold medal in New York bilini

This, of course, doesn’t mean that we value less our awards from domestic contests. On the contrary. We are glad to se that the highest quality standards of EVOO Bilini, defined on Croatian contests, is now acknowledged on the international level.

And just like with our other awards: on one hand, the gold medal won at NYIOOC gives us joy and happiness. On the other, it creates a feeling of responsibility to work more and harder. A necessity to secure a long term continuity of the highest quality olive oil.

NYIOOC, see you next year!

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