Maslina Split 2020 - Gold medal for Bilini + PREMIUM EVOO certificate Maslina Split 2020 - Gold medal for Bilini + PREMIUM EVOO certificate

Maslina Split 2020 – Gold medal for Bilini + PREMIUM EVOO certificate

  • - Gold medal for Extra virgin olive oil blend
  • - Certificate for Premium EVOO - one of the best scoring olive oils on the contest

A couple of days ago, we attended MASLINA SPLIT 2020. The biggest regional manifestation for olive oil producers. The contest of contests. Our extra virgin olive oil Bilini won two awards: Gold medal for one of the best blends on the contest, and Certificate for Premium extra virgin olive oil. The latter put our olive oil Bilini in the elite group of the highest scoring extra virgin olive oils of the entire contest. 🏅🏅🏅

The top notch judges panel had a tough job this year too: several hundred of high quality olive oils were sent for the contest. Next to Croatian olive oil producers, the competitors included producers from Slovenia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Italy, Spain and France.

We are extremely proud that our EVOO Bilini won such prestigious prizes. Below you can read more about our trip to Split, claimed awards and going back home.

Maslina Split – our results so far

Maslina Split 2020 is not the first time Family farm Rakovac competes on this manifestation. We have been sending our olive oil samples every year since 2016. And for the fifth consecutive year we’ve been winning Gold medals for our extra virgin olive oil Bilini.

Below are our results from this competition in the previous years. By clicking on the links below you can find out more about some of the prizes we won:

Travelling to Split

Croatia is – in a single word – BEAUTIFUL. Every time we prepare for the trip south, we look forward to it. We know it will be yet another chance to see beautiful landscapes of our homeland.

Check out our video about our trip there and back. There are English closed captions available, make sure to activate them:

Maslina Split 2020 – the event

Every year Maslina Split hosts a similar schedule. Late hours of the morning are reserved for lecture and other educational contents. Then medals are awarded for high quality EVOO samples. In the evening there is a gala dinner during which special prizes are awarded for the best olive oils from the contest.

This year we were late for the medal allocation. The night before the trip I had a gig with my band in Rovinj, Istria. Came home at 2 AM, so arrival at Split by 1 PM meant a (painful) wakeup call before 7 AM for me. 😄

Nevertheless, we made it in time for the gala dinner. Every year the dinner spells excellent atmosphere. The grand hall of hotel Zagreb in Split was completely full with olive oil producers and their families.

As already mentioned, our EVOO Bilini won the Gold medal and Certificate for Premium extra virgin olive oil:

An emotional return home

Before we engaged the highway back to Istria, we agreed that we should visit the villages in which our grandparents were born. This was the most emotional part of the journey.

It was nice to be awarded for our yearly efforts and work. But seeing my grandpa’s village of birth was something special. We first went to Ogorje, a village in Dalmatinska Zagora where my grandfather was born. After that we drove 50 km south-west to the village of Ostrogašica, the birthplace of Vedrana’s grandma.

We are sure our late grandparents would be proud of us and our achievements.

Above are photos of me near the birthplace of my grandfather Jakov. Below is Vedrana photographed in Šibenik’s inland. Landscape not much different from my ancestors’ villages. 😊

Thank you, Maslina Split, for bringing us to beautiful Dalmatia again. We’ll meet again next year! ❤❤❤

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