Olive oil Bilini 5 L Plastic bottle


THE transport package. Ideal for serious olive oil fans and owners of inox barrels. 🙂 For those who don’t consider repouring olive oil as a problem, who have the real packaging ready and money for higher postage costs already reserved for something else.

NOTE: The 5 liter plastic bottle with Bilini oil is only available in our tasting room from November 2020. ➡️ To order a 5-liter package, check out our new item: EVOO Bilini in 5L tin can!

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Extra virgin olive oil packed in a 5 litre plastic bottle with a plastic screw cap. Plastic packaging isn’t appropriate for permanent storage of high quality EVOO. Therefore, in order to ensure stability and quality of oil and its organoleptic characteristics, it is necessary to re-pour the oil to dark glass bottles or inox barrels as soon as possible.


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