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Shipping costs for EVOO Bilini

How much is one litre of your extra virgin olive oil? € 17? OK. What about shipping costs to London? WHAT??? Fifteen Euro? Are you guys out of your head? 🙂

It is not seldom we have such correspondence. Therefore we decided to shed some light on shipping costs. Share some info which might not be familiar to everyone. First of all, there are numerous delivery companies in Croatia. We opted for two: Croatian post and DPD. We use Croatian post for two purposes: delivery of parcels which contain only one bottle of EVOO Bilini, and for shipping to certain addresses abroad (USA etc.) We employ DPD’s services for delivery of parcels which contain more than one bottle of our EVOO, as well as for express delivery.

Let’s skip to the main topic. Shipping costs. The rule of thumb is: the bigger the quantity you order, the less the shipping costs will be per each ordered litre.

Shipping costs – examples

As an example, below provide you with a comparison between shipping costs for 3 and 9 bottles of 1 litre each. The delivery address (in this example) is London, UK. *

Number of ordered 1 litre bottlesEstimated parcel weightTotal shipping costs to LondonShipping costs per bottle
3 bottles5,2 kg€ 20.00€ 6.67
9 bottles14,2 kg€ 37.30€ 4.14

* This projection is made with Croatian post prices. DPD (express delivery) costs more.

parcel with olive oil
parcel with olive oil Bilini

A few days ago we shipped a parcel containing 6 litres of our EVOO Bilini in decorative wooden crates to Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Shipping costs: 59.00 EUR. It is interesting to analyze the difference in cost of delivery:

Until now, we sent several parcels featuring only one bottle in decorative wooden box to various addresses in the States. The shipping cost always amounted to 33.00 EUR. Not cheap. Especially when you take into consideration that a litre of our EVOO Bilini in a wooden decorative crate costs 21.50 EUR. 😮

Today we’ve had a request for shipping to Australia. Get this: a 5-litre plastic bottle with EVOO Bilini costs 75 EUR. Shipping cost of that bottle to Brisbane: 69.33 EUR. Shuld that customer place an order for two such bottles, the shipping would cost  72.50 EUR, i.e. only 3 EUR more for double the ordered quantity/ weight!

Our point is: plan your order and save on shipping costs. 🙂

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