Loyalty program Bilini / Price corrections (Family farm Rakovac)

Loyalty program Bilini / Price corrections

NEW! Family farm Rakovac has launched a loyalty program for buyers of extra virgin olive oil Bilini. It works very simply: all users who create their account on the website opg-rakovac.hr and sign in during online shopping at our web store will earn points each time they make a purchase. These points can subsequently be redeemed for a 10% discount on one of your next purchases.

Your user account on opg-rakovac.hr

For all those who have already created their user account on opg-rakovac.hr, we have added the required number of points for the first use of a 10% discount on a following purchase. 💰 Nevertheless, users who yet have to create their own account on our site will not be left behind. After you create your user account, we will award you registration points!

You can create your user account here. If you need help creating your user account, check out our video explaining how you can register and log into your account on our website: 👍

In the video above, you can also see how the shopping process in our web store works with discounts.

If you have any questions about buying in our online store, or about obtaining and using points, feel free to contact us by email info@opg-rakovac.hr or on phone No. +385 98 794 068.

New prices of EVOO Bilini

We have recently introduced new prices of our extra virgin olive oil Bilini, as you can see in the table below:

Product Old price New price
1 litre, glass bottle 17,00 EUR 19,00 EUR
500 ml, glass bottle 10,00 EUR 11,00 EUR
250 ml, glass bottle 7,00 EUR 7,00 EUR
100 ml, glass bottle 5,00 EUR 4,00 EUR
1 litre, plastic bottle 15,00 EUR 16,00 EUR

Check out all of our current products and prices in our web shop.

New prices are an added argument for collecting points and using our Family farm’s Loyalty program.

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